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An Investment Banker’s 54 Christmas Wishes For African Countries in 2018

This investment banker is wishing for economic recovery in Kenya. (Photo: LIONS@FRICA

If I could be Santa and give gifts to each of my African friends, here’s what I’d wish for each of the African economies in 2018…

1. Algeria – good health to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and a return to public life

2. Angola – a true rebound in the economy and more entrepreneurship in the process

3. Benin – a stronger response to vehicle smuggling in the country

4. Botswana – more international recognition for fostering the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle love…how much is that ‘love tent’ renting for? Also…keep working on diversifying away from diamonds

5. Burkina Faso – an emerging solution to the militant challenges in the country

6. Burundi – a realization of finance minister Domitien Ndihokubwayo’s assertion for the government to become self-financing in 2018

7. Cameroon – a solution to the tension between the Anglophones and Francophones

 8. Cape Verde – more entrepreneurship and diversification in this economy

9. Central African Republic – a political solution to ongoing conflict and instability

10. Chad – onward restructuring of public finances

11. Comoros – sustained (and successful) efforts in addressing power challenges

12. Congo (Brazzaville) – success with Dangote’s cement investment such that other investors come

13. Congo (Kinshasa) – a presidential election… (I am clearly not Santa if I am offering the same gift each year)

14. Cote d’Ivoire – an easing of tension between the military and the president

15. Djibouti – more ancillary economic benefits from the presence of numerous military bases

16. Egypt – an exciting and competitive election…there is a good public discussion to be had on the economy, the Sinai, and civil society

17. Equatorial Guinea – more gas-to-power to go with the oil exports

18. Eritrea – a return to international markets and politics

19. Ethiopia – more and more industrial parks in 2018

20. Gabon – a economic plan beyond oil production (as the economy faces challenges)

21. Gambia – with president in place, an investment and economic growth plan

22. Ghana – a bump in youth employment

23. Guinea-Bissau – a solution to the internal political turmoil that is eating away at the country

24. Kenya – economic rebound…less politics maybe…

25. Lesotho – sustained economic recovery (more mining…)

26. Liberia – a bridge (and helping hand) from the Johnson-Sirleaf administration to the new leadership

27. Libya – a long-term solution to the migrant crisis in the country

28. Madagascar – more and more rain (and less hurricanes) for the economy

29. Malawi – some renewed hope and stability in national politics

30. Mali – the return of the Festival au Desert (still begging for this…)

31. Mauritania – a plan (with Senegal and Kosmos) on developing gas-to-power solutions

32. Mauritius – international banking hub status (could help Africa and Asia connection)

33. Morocco – a lowering of the unemployment rate in the country

34. Mozambique – a reputational rebound for the country…(the debt fiasco will have to die away)

35. Namibia – strong commodity prices to support mining’s continued strength in the country

36. Niger – sustained efforts in combating extremism in the country

37. Nigeria – the arrival of a great stable of presidential candidates

38. Rwanda – a semblance of political opposition to engage Kagame and raise the political discussions

39. Sao Tome and Principe – an industrialization plan to substitute for some inputs

40. Senegal – economic hub status to the likes of Abidjan or Lagos (I would love to live there)

41. Seychelles – economic diversification in this tourist based economy

42. Sierra Leone – a positive vibe after mudslides killed too many people and national morale

43. Somalia – a return of international interest on the challenges in Mogadishu

44. South Africa – less political scandals and investigations (same as last year with 2019 election prep coming up)

45. South Sudan – a modicum of sustainability and increased production for the oil industry

46. Sudan – boost in trade with South Sudan…let’s get the oil flowing

47. Swaziland – a solution to the growing fiscal concerns and pressures

48. Tanzania – a return of the excitement among the investment community for the country

49. Togo – a solution to the political stalemate, protests, and growing refugee crisis

50. Tunisia – it’s arrival as an entrepreneurship hub for the MENA region

51. Uganda – a continued push on infrastructure investment (but while controlling the national debt growth)

52. Western Sahara – international support to quell militant conflict and clarify the country’s status

53. Zambia – stronger commodity prices

54. Zimbabwe – an open and fair election that excites Zimbabweans