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LG Council Boss plans to establish rice processing farm to boost standard of living

Mr Olusola Idowu, Chairm an, Ojo Local Government Area .Lagos

Mr Olusola Idowu, the Chairman, Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State, said that plans has been concluded to established a rice processing farm at Igbede community area of the council to boost the standard of living of the people within and outside the shore of the local government.

Idowu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Sunday that the project upon completion would be first of its kind in Southwest zone.

He said that the idea was to support the Federal Government change agenda on Agricultural sector.

“Its administration has acquires over 10acres of land at the riverine area of Ojo community for planting of rice. The land is good for such crop.

“We have equally secure plots of land at Igede community area of Ojo for the processing and distribution of the rice, where all the processing equipments and machineries will be installed, ” he said.

He said that the operations was expected to commenced in the second quarter of the year because, there are still some logistics and other things to be put in place.

According to him, the rice will be processed, produced, bagged, distributed and sold at the Igbede community, the manufacturing farm plant, to every member of the community and to people outside the community.

He said that farming businesses is key to economy development and boosting of Internal Generated Revenue (IGR).

“My administration priority is to invest hugely on health sector and agriculture which serves as a means of increasing the council income generating drive, ” he said.

Idowu said that the local government has comparative advantage in farming business because of the mass land available at the riverine area of the council.

“We have mass land at the riverine, which is good for farming business. Investing in it will be of advantage to boosting of the council Gross Domestic Products (GDP), ” he said.

He added that its council would partner with different farming associations to support its farming initiative/projects.

“Our major plan is to collaborate with rice farmers in other for them to come and train our local farmers and youth on rice and cassava farming.

“I want this local council to be the major processing, producer and seller of rice and cassava community in Lagos state and beyond, ” he said.

He said that cassava was also part of the crops to be planted at the lands space available for farming at the riverine area in the community.

“It administration will empower the farmers and over 20,000 youths in that area of farming (Rice and Cassava) for them to be able to produce in large quantity.

“I want the community to be the highest producers and sellers of cassava (Garri) and rice in the Southwest zone, ” he said.

Idowu said that all the aforementioned projects would create employment opportunity for the youth and boost the standard of living of the people in the community and the people outside the community.

The Chairman mentioned some of his administration plans/projects for this year which includes; building of library for students and individuals to have access to reading and to some research materials to enhance their study.

Other projects includes; building and renovation of health centres across the council, partnering with traditional rulers to educate the youth and community members on the norms and value of their traditional cultural heritage.

Also, to complete the abandoned projects left by the past administration among several others.

He said that its administration has embarked on aggressive clearing of refuse dump in all the community areas and improvement on infrastructure, staff welfare, social and poverty alleviation of the people in the community.