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Changing the Africa Literacy Narrative

Pizza Hut Africa et al, make input

Story: Mohammed Abu, Accra, ADM Ghana

On April 6, Accra, the capital city of the West African nation of Ghana is the second African capital city after Cape Town, South African out of 14 cities in 12 African countries set to witness the formal launch of The African Literacy project within 22 days,Pizza Hut Africa  announced recently in  in South Africa.

Starting with Cape Town, South Africa and traveling to Accra, Ghana, on the East Coast, across to Djibouti on the West Coast before completing the journey in Durban, South Africa, Pizza Hut Africa’s General Manager Ewan Davenport and his Slice of Africa team will share this experience while taking Red Reading Boxes to those cities.

This campaign also bridges the cultural and linguistic divide by collecting stories at every stop that will ultimately go into a special Africa Edition of the Red Reading Box to be distributed across Africa on World Literacy Day.

The team is  to visit restaurants across the continent in the shape of a great, big pizza slice to mark the launch of Pizza Hut: The African Literacy Project. Instead of delivering pizza, they will deliver Red Reading Boxes from NGO partner, the READ Educational Trust and explore the innovative literacy tools they contain with local children in each country.

Davenport says, “It’s heartbreaking that 280 million people in Africa cannot read,” adding,“That’s why we’re partnering with our customers and transforming simple pizza boxes into Red Reading Boxes in order to put books and learning aids into the hands of those who need them most. We believe that providing access to reading resources will help people thrive, creating more prosperous communities.”

The Red Reading Boxes were created to give children a reading kit and include stationery, books, games, puzzles and cards. All of the items are carefully designed to help children build literacy, from recognizing words on a card to picking up a book and experiencing the sheer joy of reading.

As they travel, the Slice of Africa team along with Pizza Hut franchisee partners will launch a customer donation drive in each country to raise funds which will be combined with Pizza Hut contributions to roll out as many boxes as possible.

Pizza Hut patrons and the public are able to be part of the “Slice of Africa” project along the route by donating both in store or online. Every cent that gets donated in a country will go to creating Red Reading Boxes for children in that country, which Pizza Hut plans to distribute on World Literacy Day in September this year.

“Literacy and reading can be real bridges to opportunity,” said Davenport. “We’re focused on using our growing restaurant footprint in Africa to make a difference in the communities we serve.”

Pizza Hut is also the proprietor of The Literacy Project, an initiative designed to enable access, empower teachers and inspire a lifelong love of reading. The program is rooted in the foundation set by the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program in the U.S., which is the longest-running corporate supported literacy program, impacting more than 14 million students each year.

The world’s  pizza giant didn’t only  opens it’s 100th store in Sub-Saharan Africa this year but also following it up with the  launching of  a literacy mission to help make a real impact on the continent.

Pizza Hut Africa’s new literacy mission the renouncement noted , is in line with the brand’s global initiative established in 2016, The Literacy Project, to raise awareness for literacy-related issues and engage consumers to help make a difference. In its first year, the global campaign impacted 15.9 million people and distributed more than 275,000 books and educational resources to communities in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica and South Africa.

Pizza Hut, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM), has more restaurant locations in the world than any other pizza company. Founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kan., Pizza Hut operates over 16,700 restaurants in more than 100 countries.