Tontokrom Mines Raid Blues

Fake Chief  held Totally Blamable,

….As Overlords Finally Speak Out

Story: Mohammed Abu,Accra,ADM Ghana

The Otumfou’s Akonwasumafou family of Tontokrom,led by Osoadwa Baffuor Adabanka,the Overlords of the town have categorically stated that,  Kwadwo Tonto who posed as Chief of Tontokrom in May this year during the visit of Hon.Peter Amewu,Lands and Natural Resources Minister,is not the Chief of Tontokrom as they have never enstooled him as such.

This was contained in their recent  Press Release as a first time response to some unpalatable occurencies in recent times that has attracted several negative news headlines in the local media.

It would be recalled that, the Hon.Peter Amewu,visited  a mining site  in Tontokrom being offered mining support services by  GPS Ltd,on May 22 this year as part of  a tour of mining communities to ensure compliance with the six month temporal ban on small scale mining.This  led  to the arrest of three Ukranians and a Russian for alledgedly engaging in galamsey.

All those areas,the statement noted,Kwadwo Tonto  showed to Hon.Peter Amewu  and the press present on that fateful day ,as mined by GPS Ltd on behalf of the local owners,Kass Mining Group was not true but only to enable him achieve a long planned personnel diabolical agenda.

The truth is,the sites are rather those that Kwadwo Tonto, himself, sold to the Chinese miners who mined the sites, but did not cover the pits they created to reclaim the land, in the knowledge and blessings of Kwadwo Tonto.

GPS Ltd and its local partners,Kass Mining Group it noted, hasn’t even as yet covered all the 75 acres area legally permitted them by the Minerals Commission.

The mines in Tontokrom,the release noted,are owned by Ghanaians, namely Charles and Afriyie, since 1989. The Russians and Ukranians are employees of the service providers, providing machines to the mines, as far back as 1998.

The mine owners,it said, are in good relations with the family and the citizens of Tontokrom  and their mining activities,it emphasized, has never been found to be injurious to the environment as they don’t employ alluvia processes in their mining activities.

The release therefore exonerated the owners of the mines and its foreign partner GPS of all acts of wrong doing falsely levelled against them by Kwadwo Tonto adding that they have always honoured their corporate responsibilities.

“All previous efforts the mines have made, like building bridges for the citizens, protecting the environment and Library were thwarted by Kwadwo Tonto”.

 Tonto’s long entrenched enemical Stance againt GPS and Partners

The foregoing facts  notwithstanding, Kwadwo Tonto rather,it notes,”always organizes some resident Ghanaian illegal miners who are not citizens of Tontokrom to cause disaffection towards the mine owners”.

“Kwadwo Tonto’s organized tags, led by Arhin, his personal armed bodyguard, has on previous three occasions, before the current raid on the mines in this may 2017, raided the mines, vandalized their properties and stole valuable properties from the mines. In most cases, their booty ends up in Tonto’s house, like the current raid booty from the mines”.

Kofi Arhin  the personal armed bodyguard and also spokesman of Tonto, the Statement revealed is a criminal who has been on the run for some time now. “Before and in 2006, Arhin, using Kwadwo Tonto’s provided gun, killed 2 Ghanaians in Tontokrom, the man, among the victims, was a family man. Arhin was put before court in 2006, but jumped bail. The court issued an arrest warrant, which was published in the daily graphic, page 17, on 23rd September 2006. He is still on the run, and believed to be hiding under Kwadwo Tonto’s control, since 2006″.

In September,2016,Tonto according to the release,got  a hint that  Charles and Afriyie the mine owners had a plan to give the sump(mined gravel and sand)to the Tontokrom family.Tonto,it said,approached them to rather give it to him but they turned his request down .Despite all that Tonto still took money from the illegal miners with  the promise to them, that they should register with him to be part of the miners, who would be working on the sump at the mine.

“When the town miners were not having access to the sump, they started looking for Tonto. Tonto, knowing he has tricked them, went into hiding, and only surfaced in Tontokrom in May 2017, during the honorable minister’s inspection visit to Tontokrom.

‘Thus,Tonto,has over the last 6 months convinced and assured the illegal miners, to seize and takeover the mines for them to carry out their mining activities there.

“He planned, and is the schemer of all what has happened in Tontokrom, to achieve what he has promised the illegal miners.It may interest you to know, that, Kwadwo Tonto once again, has been maneuvering all over, during these past 4 months for his own personal interest”.

‘It was Tonto, who organized his terror group, led by his bodyguard, Arhin to break into the mines’ premises, after the minister’s visit. His tags destroyed the mines’ properties and stole some properties of the mines. On a follow up of the minister’s visit to the mines, after the rampage by Tonto’s tags, they found some of the stolen items in Tonto’s house.

“It would surprise you to know, the Statement noted,that, in all the above raids, Kwadwo Tonto later turned round, pretending to be innocent, to see the owners of the mines. He always pretend to mediate on behalf of the mines.

Military Security Presence at  Mines

“The mine owners,the release noted, have not employed the services of security officers to protect them to continue mining in this suspension period. Rather the services of the security officers were sought when Kwadwo Tonto’s tags kept raiding the mine premises to vandalize the place and steal, as mentioned earlier”

The below videos and pictures captures some of the scenes of looting of sump and vandalisation of the GPS operated mines on Mining Support Services contractual basis for the local owners.






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