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Poetry can promote, preserves our culture, heritage and tradition – Horn of Afroclassical Poet

Mr Adejare Ademola

It is known to all that Nigeria has a long and magnificent history as well as many other things such as  nature, Music, culture, tradition, heritage, historic sites, dancing, drums, folklore, dressing & attires ,chanting and poetry  which are all essentials of life. These things are all unique in the world. We have our culture and tradition which attract many foreign tourists coming to Nigeria in order to experience the best of the our culture.

Mr Adejare Hammad Ademola  , a young poet , an indigene of the ancient  Oyo township and a final year student of English and Art  in the prestigious University of Ibadan and the CEO of Horn of Afroclassical Poet  in a chat with African Development Magazine on his mind blowing  “POETRY FESTIVAL” says:

“Africa is blessed with rich culture. It is this unique way of living that has separated the continent and stands her out among comity of national

‘’Life is art, art is life. Music, culture, nature, dancing steps, eating pattern, folklore, dressing & attires and poetry are all essentials of life, they are the beauty of human existence which every culture and every human race – white, brown, black – is blessed with . He said

African poetry is not only refreshing; it is also minded blowing and evidence that Africa truly had a wonderful past before colonisation

“One important thing to note which is also a reference to the peculiar nature of the black race is that although her people lacked the means to document their heritage through writing while evolving into civilization, they have managed to pass down their culture through poetry. He said

POETRY FESTIVAL is schedule on 19th of August, 2017, the premises of Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo , with host  of Africa’s finest poets, speakers, dancers and comedians with audience being treated to the best of African culture and tradition with poetry at the centre of it.

Get involved!!! Embrace our culture!!! Be part of it .

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