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I promote Yoruba cultural values along with details of monuments – Funmi Rotiba

Funmi Rotiba

Rotiba Funmi , a tourism consultant and the CEO of Special Tours and Travels Limited, aslo CEO  of Imperial House of Culture.

Funmi, enjoys a long history in tour and travel management and capacity for coordinating events and sustain relationships. She has effectively nursed her company over the years, and in the process transformed Special Tours and Travels Limited into one of the most well recognised tours and travel companies in Nigeria.

Funmi’s traits of commitment, creativity and passion for travels and tourism as seen represent Nigeria in several conference and seminars within and outside Africa, and she has handled several state trips, excursions and sports events like the world cup etc.

Erelu as she’s fondly call was crowned Erelu Asa of Nigeria for her passion and love for sustaining, protecting and preserving the cultural value of Yoruba and Nigeria as a whole.

Ambassador who currently manages ‘Imperial House of Culture Ltd, hails from Ikare, Ondo State had her primary education at Sacred Heart Catholic School, and secondary at the Our Lady of Apostles, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria,

She bagged a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Lagos State University, Ojo – Lagos State. Funmi Rotiba is a member of the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), without gainsaying, the fact is the visibility that she has established for herself in the Cultural and Tourism landscape of Nigeria can best be defined as, “Most Featured”. In this interview with ADM , Funmi Rotiba speaks about her lifestyle, experience and challenges.

Can you tell us briefly about yourself, your family and educational background?

Am Funmi Rotiba , hails from Ikare, Ondo State , BSc Economics, Masters in Tourism Management, second child in family of 4.

In tourism, we have aspect of tourism like educational tourism, religious tourism,medical tourism which area can Nigeria be on a selling point of tourism?

Nigeria can thrive if organizing world class events/festivals .Tourism will most likely suit us and also boost the economy.

What is the solution to make Tourism sector viable than Oil sector to sustain the economy?

Funmi and Orisabunmi

Acknowledge Tourism as potential Raw Diamond of any Nation, implementing more policies that favour tourism/ spend on tourism sights/ advertise and put media at work.

Traveling agency business is a serious money maker for smart entrepreneurs, what are the challenges you faced while doing the business and how did you overcome them?

People mistaking Tour Operators for visa collectors, Embassies refusers, it takes lot of time to orientate and educate our people the difference between tour packages, visa procurement and embassy issues.

You have visited many countries, what would you advise the Nigerian Government?

Create more cultural festivals/event to bring more foreigners and investors, security measure to be put in place and a campaign for safety of visitors.

The emergence of the internet has changed the travel marketplace forever. Today,the industry is dominated by a handful of large players, how were able to cope with this development?

it’s useful for us all, without it their won’t be sales on social media,you don’t need to be a big player to make money in tourism.

Amazing memories are unforgettable; can u share with us most amazing memory?

Many unforgettable memories, when I got the contract of World SIM card against the multi-millionaire white man, for Nigeria. I was so excited and it is unforgettable.

What do you like about African Culture?


What’s your secret?

Contentment which is happiness with one’s situation in life

What do you value the most?

God words.

Do u like to cook, what’s your favourite meal both foreign and local?

why not, Yes. Moin-moin (Nigeria steamed bean pudding)

Who are your favorite Nollywood actors and musicians?

Ibrahim Chatta and Femi Adebayo

Have you attended Nigeria festivals, what can you say about it?

Yes, I have attended some and its impressive and growing and am sure we will get there someday.

How many tourist site have you visited in Nigeria and Africa?

Couple of them both Nigeria and Africa.

Recently , you were crowned Erelu Asa by His Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II, How would you preserve, promote our culture and monuments?

Erelu Funmi Rotiba

Best way I can, Culture is part of life, how we dress, how we talk and behave to elders and people around us , I showcase myself in well manner Culture lady and  I promote the Yoruba values along with details of monuments.

Thank you.

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Journalist ,PR, Researcher, Culture and Tourism promoter, Business Development Consultant.

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