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Reviving our cultural heritage and festivals can boost Nigeria’s economy – Arewa Omo’ba

Princess Arewa Folasade Adeyemi

Princess Arewa Folasade Adeyemi.CEO, Arewa House of culture, Founder /MD, Arewa Adeyemi Foundation has advised the Federal and state governments to organize cultural festivals regularly to boost their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

Arewa said on Monday that cultural festivals and carnivals are veritable sources of boosting the revenue of the nation while commending Ogun state government for being able to sustain the “Drum festival’ over years.

“It is a beautiful thing to have the state government promoting culture through Festival and other cultural activities. If a state government implements it in its annual budget, cultural preservation is yet here to stay” she said.

She explained on how she has contributed toward the development of culture and tourism in Oyo, Oyo State without any financial assistance from local, state or federal government.

“I can only speak on what I have done in Oyo Alaafin to boost tourism and expose the tourist sites in Oyo town: I revived Sango Festival in 2012, a year after turned it to World Sango Festival in 2013 which brought international eyes to Oyo and Sango tourism site in Koso; Repackaged IFA Ogidan Annual Festival which brought more international crowd to Agidan Tourism Site; Oranyan Festival have its international crowd”

Princess Arewa Folasade Adeyemi.CEO, Arewa House of culture

Anytime I packaged event in Palace, I promote the Alaafin Palace because it is one of the biggest ancient Palace in Africa and stated as a National Monument with no financial assistance from Government, they don’t have money to promote cultural event.  I wonder why the Ministry of culture & tourism was created.  She added

According to her, Government should identify the entire tourism site, refine, Implement on it in their budget and get private sector involve. Look at Agodi gardens in Ibadan, Oyo State; I believe more can be more in other tourism across the state. Nigeria can also revive its dwindling economy through the tourism sector.

As a cultural promoter, a princess and daughter of Iku Baba yeye , The Alaafin of Oyo, Arewa Also speak on importance of talking drum ;

“I grew up in the Palace some I know the importance of talking drum. Talking drum is use as a instrument for communication in different ways. Government doesn’t need to establish new vocational university, they just need to expand and make talking drum courses more available in more university by creating classes under Theatre arts, maybe also in History and literature. I know of university in States of America that have classes of talking drum” she said

She also said there is a plan through her registered Arewa Adeyemi Foundation which Baba Alaafin is the Chairman to establish a language and cultural academy.

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