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4TH Annual Spirit of Peace & Prosperity Summit: Harmonizing Cultures and Investing in Peace

The Spirit of Peace & Prosperity is an annual high-level international Summit designed to reinforce the inclusion and responsibilities of custodians of cultures in the Sustainable Development Goals.

In a signed press release made available to our correspondent from the convener Dr. Wale Ajibade stated that the Summit is designed to emphasize the role, responsibilities, and inclusion of indigenous traditional authorities and custodians of cultures as well as political leaders and statesmen in achieving peace, security, and sustainable development collaboratively in our respective societies which is purposefully scheduled to take place during the week of the United Nations Observance of Nelson Mandela Day, his birthday on July 18th, for upholding and promoting the Madiaba’s legacy for peace.

The Spirit of Peace & Prosperity Summit’s Commission determines and organizes the annual comprehensive Truth and Reconciliation mandate on Nelson Mandela Day, which is facilitated and consecrated by the presence of the elders, political leaders, statesmen, customary, traditional authorities and scholars.

The programs within the Summit are designed to encourage solidarity with the cause of improving our common humanity and fostering better personal integrity by promoting Truth & Reconciliation, Economic Sustainability, Global Partnership, and Cultural Harmony.

The conference is organized in collaboration with leaders from the royal indigenous traditions, professional associations, academic institutes, religious and spiritual faiths, and the civil society groups. The outcome of the event includes the knowledge and wisdom gained from the experience shared as well as the consensus reached during the event.

The opportunity extends further into networking, exposure gained from the inclusion and participation: becoming more informed, empowered and equipped with enhanced resources to meet challenges and responsibilities for leadership, share the novelty and gravitas of the historic record of the success in the reconciliation, and set a new precedence in their domains.

The conference also promotes public-private partnerships for socially responsible investments and trades which are in-line with the UNESCO, African Union Agenda 2030 and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

This year, 2019, the theme of the event is Harmonizing Cultures and Investing in Peace. We are expecting a wider pool of traditional and customary Royalties at this summit from July 17-21. Previous participants include Kings and Queens, Traditional and Customary leaders from parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, Native Chiefs from North and South America.

The 2019 Spirit of Peace & Prosperity Summit is a conference based on all-encompassing interdisciplinary perspectives and interdependent strategies that promote health of cultures, appreciating and harmonizing cultural diversity and economic growth via fair trade and investment.

The Spirit of Peace & Prosperity Summit is an initiative of African Views. African Views is a nonprofit Organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council with focus on the wellbeing of Society by promoting cultural harmony through research, community assessment, resource mapping, and project development. The organization generates mosaic analysis and optimization strategies to fulfil its mission, which is to promote cultural sustainability and cultural harmony.

The Organization works in partnership with Representatives of the United Indigenous peoples and tribes of the Americas, Foundation for Cultural Diversity, African Heritage Foundation, and UNESCO Center for Global Education mission, which works with the World Federation of UNESCO Centers.


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