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Gender & Leadership: My calling is global advocacy for women self-sufficiency and empowerment -Lady Tee Thompson

Lady Tee Thompson serves as leadership model for many young men and women in leadership roles across the globe. As a successful leader, facilitator, CEO, business development consultant with a fascinating educational background and wide years of experience in entrepreneurship as a global business advocate. She has contributed positively and immensely to the advancement of women in leadership roles.

“QUEEN OF EXECUTION” as she is fondly called, her uniqueness, exuberant personality combined with God-given talent skyrocketed her to high places for  exciting business purposes. She facilitated foreign investment capitalizing on her network with international development experience, her humanitarian services and global advocacy for women self-sufficiency, women empowerment, gender equality, agricultural skill transfer, African diaspora inclusion, investment matchmaking cannot be overemphasized.

A founder and CEO of Agrobiz, a registered agricultural business development company in United States with over 1,000 members in 15 Countries – USA, Canada, Cameroon, DRC, Nigeria,  South Africa, Lesotho, Senegal, Benin, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, & Mali with overwhelming success stories.

Lady Tee Thompson is recipient of multiple awards, honors and acknowledgement from notable figures including President Barrack Obama , Mayor of Newark , New Jersey among others.

Lady Tee Thompson share her experience and projects with African Development Magazine in an  interview tagged “Gender & Leadership”. Below are excerpts:

Can you tell us briefly about yourself, your family and educational background?

I am Lady Tee Thompson, possesses a Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Legal Administration, both from the esteemed University of Detroit Mercy. I currently reside in the Metro Detroit area with my family.

Lady Thompson is not for the meek at heart. If you are comfortable where you are, then don’t contact her. However, if you are seeking to be catapulted beyond the next level, Tee the “Queen of Execution”, is for you and your organization especially if you are seeking capacity building.  For God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  If you are ready to move faster than you ever imagined, let Tee advance your entrepreneurship development & agricultural success by developing your projects or investment.

What motivated or inspired this great concept ‘Agrobiz’?  

Actually, I was inspired by my grandmother who taught me “you cannot be, what you cannot see”. My calling in global advocacy for women self-sufficiency, African diaspora inclusion, women empowerment, agricultural skill transfer, investment matchmaking, gender equality and minority business enterprises global adviser and solution finding inspired me to apply one of her favorite motto’s, “the best way to create future is to create it.

After leaving the rural village of Qwa Qwa, South Africa, in 2008 Tee took her expertise in strategy, collaboration with women and youth entrepreneurship training programs and infused the agricultural development curriculum for “AgroBiz.  Ms. Thompson’s primary goal was to bridge long term community self-sufficiency to all she serves.

Lady Tee Thompson

You have a good working relationship with United Nations on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how have you impacted on the populace?

“We continue to be the change we want to see,” by demonstrating how as a SME’s  can apply change simple teach, try and share model that can be replicated and  grant more opportunities to do more work to help the profession of the SDG’s and  that’s why the SDG Honors is looking to identify other organizations, social enterprises, NGO’s that we may be able to partner with after the event.  now I guess….Our awards program is proud to continue envisaging “a world of universal respect for human rights and human dignity, the rule of law, justice, equality and non-discrimination” that defines and celebrates vision, the spirit of achievement, endorse sound corporate citizenship and excellence in acting towards peace and prosperity with one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals uplifting Africa, North America & United Kingdom.

Farming is trending now and Nigeria is so blessed with agricultural resources, do you think this can reduce unemployment?  

Yes, Nigeria is the giant of Africa and can deploy effective systems to decrease unemployment with Agriculture. Nigeria is uniquely posed to be the Hub of Agricultural Infrastructural Development at several top commodities.  Nigeria has several ports and potentials for more to secure a solid infrastructure for the continent and the world.  When more investment is made in the agricultural infrastructure and commodity value chain development for top commodities, Nigeria will reclaim some of its glory again.  The results of the investment will have dramatic turnaround that sets an example to other countries, yielding financial and economic results to value chains, competitiveness, and wealth creation thereby creating jobs. In short, Nigeria has to globally brand “Made in Nigeria”  commodities like rice, maize, tomatoes, sorghum and cassava and job creation will follow.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprints to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, what are your success stories so far?

Success stories include… Implementing our programs which has been the secret element that aligns with the SDGs.

Mark your calendar for our latest achievement through the Sustainable Development Goals Honors (SDG HonorsÔ), an empowerment driven initiative of AgroBiz’  intend to distinguish and uphold the achievements of those inspired by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development launched by the United Nations Summit in September 2015 and is aimed at ending poverty in all its forms.

Our awards program is proud to continue envisaging “a world of universal respect for human rights and human dignity, the rule of law, justice, equality and non-discrimination”  that defines and celebrates vision, the spirit of achievement, endorse sound corporate citizenship and excellence in acting toward peace and prosperity with one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals uplifting Africa, North America & United Kingdom.

In an age of extreme weather, famine and food insecurity, rapid urbanization, population growth, water scarcity, and protracted conflict, and at the brink of a global food epidemic, we discerned an obligatory program to recognize the latest front runner business leaders, CSO’s, experts, government officials, philanthropists, NGO’s/Non-Profits, social enterprises, solutions finders, and grass root change makers who are tackling on the world’s most serious problems necessitated to be endowed with a SDG HonorsÔ award.  Likewise, the call for nominations are open until July 31, 2019 at midnight EST to all change makers supporting the Global Goals.

What do you like about African Culture?

I love the culture of Africa from the cuisine to the mixtures of traditions, the varying tribes and their uniqueness, the historical characteristics of each country to the arts,music,folklore and their traditions, the magic of the music and love for the dynamic clothing. Most importantly, Africa always feel like coming home, surrounded by a sea of innovation and development, coupled by the continent’s invigorating entrepreneur spirit!

What advice would you give the younger ones?

My advice to the youths is to add a positive economic value to society in terms of tangible and non-tangible benefits, you must participate as actors in creating jobs in agriculture.  Agriculture is the largest employer of  labor in the world, a profitable sector of global business.  Please do not believe that agriculture equates to poverty but, choose to see its potential, purpose, passion and profitability to generate substantial foreign exchange, pay school fees, change communities and economies.  Use your creativity and ingenuity to solve and remedy glitches in the food supply chain and add value to your own agricultural success.

 There are unlimited opportunities in the agricultural sector; what are the Agriculture business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Our AgroBiz programs which are listed on , Seed-time Giving and Growing, Two Hectare Harvesting & Ag Sector Development  sparks entrepreneurship with quick, short- term and long-term wins for cooperative, rural and urban farmers, agricultural groups, associations and organizations ranging from:

Drone Technologist – aiding in increasing yields and reducing crop damages as an agricultural pilot.

Hydrologists – protecting the environment and promoting sustainability while helping to supply water and irrigation systems such as drip irrigation.

Tee in Anambra state with farmers

Food Scientists – improving food products and creating new scientific principles to maintain the wholesome food supply and maintain trace minerals not found in GMO foods.

Agriculture Communicators/Public Relations Firms – sharing the stories, the successes and generating positive messages to the public for better understanding which can earn you money in this sector.  Agriculture is the largest employer of  labor worldwide and this industry needs more advocates and publicist.

Ag Logistic & Transport Services – tailoring unique logistic solutions and/or services for every mode of transportation in road, air, sea, roll-on/roll off or rail transport for increasing all distribution channels including local to local, African country to neighboring countries, and  local to global

Ag Tech – creating new apps, software, and digital systems to improve productivity and sustainability for the agricultural industry. The more relevant enhancements to innovative food and farming systems are developed by the youth and more attractive investments can be made for the future.

Thank you for sharing with ADM

You welcome and thank you.



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