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My mission is to amplify voices of vulnerable people across the world- Magna Faith

Magna Faith

Leading national conversation about abduction, kidnapping ,molestation,fighting for girls education and gender equality around the world, an increasing number of young women leaders are stepping forward as change agents who advocates for the assailable and voiceless in the society.

Magna Faith is one of the leading women who uses her platform to advocate for important issues like diversity in girls’ education,empowerment ,emancipation of women,sexual exploitation, women on sexual and reproductive health, leadership, entrepreneurship. discrimination, child marriage and other injustices.

As a role model, an ambassador, musician, leader, activist and a mother, MF has carve out a niche in the world with her captivating educational background which enable her to lead various organizations and worked on many projects .

In an exclusive interview with ADM, Magna Faith shares her humanitarianism and experience, her role to create pathways for young people to have more engagement with government through empowerment program within society and how she founded and manage her foundation and academy. Below are excerpt:

Can you tell us briefly about yourself, your family and educational background?

I am an optimistic Northern Nigerian woman committed to using her western education, experiences and voice for the empowerment and emancipation of women, authentic women leadership, deep messages like violence against women and justice for all among other vulnerabilities. I hold a Masters of Business Administration and another Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership both degrees from the USA. I have worked in various capacities through my career, I am currently serving as Executive Director of The African Global Center and I also run a media outfit headquartered in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

I have worked on several projects with United Nations and African Union affiliated organizations and serve on boards reputable companies globally.

 Who influenced you the most in life and why?

My dad, i would say He is the most content retired Deputy Inspector General of police whose philosophy of life is all about service to humanity .He taught me a lot about humanitarian service, I applauded him for giving me the way to an end which is education..

You manage Magna Faith, JK Foundation and Academy, what motivated or inspired this great concept?

Like i said earlier all inspiration are from my Dad and just as the name implies ‘JK’ was his initial Jonathan Krimi so the Foundation, the Academy and more are inspired by him whose love and service to humanity is matchless.

At the most simplistic level, an ambassador acts as a representative which you are one, what are your responsibility and how have you impacted lives with your position?

In the capacity of a duty bearer and ambassador, i amplify the voices of vulnerable people and i actively advocate for an inclusive, peaceful, democratic and resilient society void of denial of education for the girl-child, unfortunate continuous disadvantageous treatment towards northern Nigerian women, sexual exploitation, discrimination, child marriage and other injustices.

 How many languages can you speak fluently?

I can speak Three(3) languages fluently which are English, Yoruba and Hausa.

African Global center was represented in the just concluded election; how would you rate election in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s election is worrisome , we are still in a situation were political corruption remains endemic, strong presence of god-fathers, vote buying voter intimidation, maiming , thuggery and rest of them , I would say we still have a lot of work to do as Nigeria citizens to get things right politically , electioneering and leadership.

You attended 2019 Global Report on Food Crisis, what can you say about hunger crisis in Africa?

HUNGER!!!  Sigh!….. Do you know that hunger and famine are increasingly and escalating uniquely in three counties in Africa and one of them is Nigeria.

While Africa has significant and considerable successes regarding efforts to  counter hunger and famine,  Increased levels of terrorism, population growth, political instability, climate change and other factors have frustrated these efforts.  The fight against hunger and famine continues to pose a challenge for several communities globally.

A musical track song by you hit the air waves, what is the title, where can it be download for people to listen to it and tell us reason for the song?

‘Smiles’ – All glory and adoration to Almighty God , I was inspired by my journey with God thus far and thought to express my gratitude through music. So I dedicated the song to him to adore his name.

The title of my song is – Day after Day

It is available on all music platforms around the world. Including itunes, YouTube, Google play store and others.

Can you sing for me ? Oh…. Give me some musical lyrics (free style)

When I fell you picked me up, when I was lost you found me Lord.  What can I say, what can I do, what can I give for all you’ve done.

 Is there something you stopped doing, even though you love it?

Yes, learning musical instruments and wish i could continue.

 “When we promote mediocrity and ingenuity forsaking and sidelining the hardworking ladies with integrity that’s what we get as Society.”

This was posted by you, what would you do tomorrow if you become president of a nation today?

Laughing………President!!! Anyway,i am President within my micro-cosmos and whatever I propose doing then (if I am interested) I must do now. If I am not already doing it now, most likely I won’t do it then. To answer your question all i am doing is what i would do and if i become president and that is to lead.

In the past 20 years, sub-Saharan Africa has achieved some of the most dramatic breakthroughs in the world. The number of female legislators on the continent has increased, would you consider yourself as a politician someday?

Politics.. Laughing , I don’t like the game , someone said ‘never say never.’ I dare to say no. I am not a politician and I will not be one. Never! Never!! Never!!!  Laughing ….

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