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Petrol price hikes in South Africa

On this week’s edition of Business Chronicle, we examine the recent fuel hikes in South Africa.

The average price of fuel around the world is projected at $1.05 per litre.

All South Africa Development Communities (SADC) countries saw a fuel decrease between November 2018 and January 2019 except for Zimbabwe.

 Iceland used to have the most expensive petrol in the world until Zimbabwe doubled the retail price earlier this year.

If you recall, the price increase in Zimbabwe sparked nationwide protests which left at least 17 people dead after soldiers opened fire.

Zimbabwe Fuel hikes near 150% in 2019, in south Africa, it was $1 as of Jan 2019, Botswana $0.87, Lesotho, $0.87, Swaziland $0.92, Namibia $0.93,Mozambique $1.12, Zimbabwe $1.38.

However, after one month of relief, South African motorists are set to be hit with a fuel price increase, although it is difficult to predict exactly how much it will be at this stage.

South African petrol prices are generally higher than its African neighbours with the exception of Zimbabwe, which has the honour of having the most expensive petrol price in the world.



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