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AFRICA: Gabon upholds nature tourism

Nature tourism adds more value to Gabon’s image with its exceptional diversity of spaces and sites. And the Bateke Plateaux National Park is an example of this form of tourism.

Located at the extreme south-east of Gabon, the national heritage is located in the heart of a region formed by immense accumulations of sand and covered with savannah, combining nature and local culture.

In 2002, Gabon redesigned its entire network of protected areas to include most of the country’s biodiversity and to anchor its tourism development. In the country’s forest context, the Batéké Plateau National Park has the specificity of a savannah park, but can also highlight the tourist interest of the Téké culture that inherited one of the most famous kingdoms in Central Africa.

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Adewale Adenrele Muhideen

Journalist ,PR, Researcher, Culture and Tourism promoter, Business Development Consultant.

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