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Agbada/Dashiki Outfit: Representation of robust culture, social heritage and distinctive style By Adewale Adenrele

Reviving Yoruba cultural heritage through ‘Agbada style ’revolution.

Historically, Agbada was a long gown worn by African men on special occasions or to formal places. But today, this traditional Nigerian style has been adopted by Agbada obsessed women which has become regular attire for men and women for special events like weddings.

Women look extremely beautiful and elegant on this three piece outfit. When we find people with Agbada, we look at them with admiration because the attire is unique and extraordinarily cool.

Agbada are usually knee-length or full regalia tops, which also reflect a bit of the Yoruba style. Nowadays, women are in contest with men irrespective of culture, ethnics or tribes when it comes to the trendy Nigerian clothing style Agbada.

Colour is another important factor to be considered when choosing Agbada. If you choose the right colour, you are going to love your outfit. Gone are the days when it was only white that makes the cut when it comes to dressing in Agbada.

In the recent revolution of Agbada outfit,any colour can be used in making an Agbada. We have seen men make use of the feminine colours like pink, red and purple in creating a fashion scene. Another great innovation is he embroidery design on the Agbada (Hand-weaving or Machine design) .The design concept is what makes the difference when it comes to dressing in this gorgeous outfit.

Both men and women look fashionable in this traditional outfit and easily noticed in the crowd especially the Yoruba royals kings in their midst of their chiefs. There are places where you will visit and everyone is dressed in expensive outfits, one of the ways you can beat the crowd is by using an Agbada with good colour and great design.

The world is moving swiftly when it comes to dressing, creativity and style. Looking good is everyone’s business which is one of the reasons why we have come to appreciate the beauty attached to every outfit. When you are ready to make a move or getting set for cultural event, wedding party or office events, Agbada can be your best companion.

Get yourself an Agbada style to promote our culture.


ADM- Culture&Style 2019


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Adewale Adenrele Muhideen

Journalist ,PR, Researcher, Culture and Tourism promoter, Business Development Consultant.

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