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Enough is enough: UN deputy chief calls for global action against racism

Ms Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General.

United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, on Wednesday, echoed the organisation’s call for concerted global action against racism according to Pmnewsnigeria.

In a passionate speech during a virtual meeting of the Human Rights Council, Mohammed said the “poison of racism still rages”. Hence, the need to stop and must be fought to stop.

She highlighted the suffering of people of African descent, saying they remained trapped in “generational cycles of poverty created by unfair obstacles to their development’’.

“On a personal level, from my high school days in the United Kingdom through my career across the private sector, civil society and now international public service, I have grown a thick skin.

“I have even become numb, to the extent that one has forgotten how to feel the injustice of racial slurs and my human right to live a life of dignity and respect.

“When I consider that we are born equal, only to find that the colour of one’s skin sentences one to a life of discrimination and injustice.

“I ask myself, I ask all of you, I ask people everywhere: How can we possibly continue to turn the other way? Enough is enough.

“The UN has a duty to respond to the anguish that has been felt by so many for so long. This cause is at the heart of our organisation’s identity.

“Equal rights are enshrined in our founding Charter.

“Just as we fought apartheid, years ago, so must we fight the hatred, oppression and humiliation today.

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