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Financial Inclusion for the World’s Unbanked

 mCoin “Pseudo Mining” Africa Programme Arrives

Report: Mohammed Abu, Accra

The world’s only Cryptocurrency mCoin “Pseudo Mining” targeted at Africa that works with and without the internet was launched in London, Monday.

With the service anyone with any  mobile phone device  can own, store, earn, trade mCoin using a revolutionary SMS Wallet

ONEm Communications, the UK based company said in press release that it was “pleased to announce the launch of its mCoin “Pseudo-Mining” Program across Africa. mCoin uses “Pseudo-Mining” for coin distribution to the masses. It involves people doing positive things and getting mCoins in return”

“Users will receive 100 free bonus mCoins on sign up and the first ever SMS wallet. Additionally, they will receive a referral code to share with friends and family whilst also receiving more mcoins for every successful referral..

“The ONEmWallet allows people to send mCoins between one another by using only a ONEm name i.e. @chris, instead of inputting a long wallet address. For the first time people will be able to transfer mCoins from an offline SMS wallet to digital app wallets. Many people can enjoy the security which is offered from a fully functional wallet that is essentially like an offline cold wallet.

“mCoin was created to empower the unbanked people. It provides affordable financial facilities such as electronic payment, current and savings accounts for the billions of unconnected and unbanked people globally”

Citing World Economic Forum and World Bank reports, ONEm Communications underscored the fact that , there were more than four billion people without access to the internet and affordable financial services can be solutions to overcome poverty, reducing income disparities and increasing economic growth.

Cryptocurrency technology,it added, has the potential to be part of the solution as it can enable 2.5 billion unbanked people to access financial services.

Those willing to take advantage and benefit from mCoin “Pseudo Mining”, can text //MINE L8Xk8 to the number,00447860039088